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We just had our engagement pictures done and it was GREAT! We had so much fun, both photographers were creative and easy going. They were nice enough to take some pictures of my Mom and I (since we have never had a professional one done). Very much looking forward to having them at our wedding :)
I just got my pictures back on Thursday. I am in LOVE with them. My fiance was so excited at how good they looked she is no longer nervous about the wedding! I can't say enough good things about the ABD team and how great the shoot was.
I could not be happier with the A Bride's Day staff!! Our wedding was in August and our photos and video are amazing. They had taken care of weddings for two of my family members and were highly recommended by them. They're starting to feel like family, lol. We didn't have Manny as our photographer, but he did help with coordination and came to shoot with our video team. Love him! TY! You can't go wrong with this company :-). The pricing is great and you get you photos and footage right away!

We love and recomend A Bride's Day

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